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We have the marketing tools and resources you need to help make the home loan experience simple but brilliant for your customers.

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We have the marketing tools and resources you need to help make the home loan experience simple but brilliant for your customers.

Talk to your FASTLend BDM today

  • For customers Tools to help you talk about FASTLend with confidence.

    • Customer FAQs An overview of FASTLend’s product features for your customers.

    • Customer flyer Promote the benefits of FASTLend and include your contact details.

    • Redraw video Most people know a little about redraw, but not many understand exactly how it works or how it can benefit them. Use this video to guide your conversations, or show it to your customers directly. This video is also on the FASTLend customer website.

    • Digital home loans customer flyer To help guide your customers through the FASTLend digital mortgages process.

    • MyVideo Demo For an example of the Welcome Video customers will receive after loan settlement, please click here.

  • For brokers Resources to support you.

    • Preferred Lenders One stop web portal to view loans from application through to settlement and beyond. Able to view status updates, notes, decisions and post settlement loan information.

      Click here to access site

    • Supporting Document Checklist This checklist will help ensure you have submitted all the required documents with your customer’s application so you can get a faster turnaround time for approval.

    • Introduction wording for customer proposals A pre-written introduction to help explain FASTLend to your customers which you can use in your communications.

    • Brokers videos Hear a FAST broker share their first-hand experience with FASTLend, and the main benefits for you and your customers.

      Benefits for customers
    • Valuations To order valuations, please click here to visit the Core Logic Property Hub.

    • Post-Settlement Forms

      Complaint Notification Form
      Construction: Progress Drawdown Request Form
      Contact Details Update Form
      Cheque Book Authorised Signature List
      Debitcard - Manual Activation Form
      Debitcard - New, Cancellation and Replacement Requests
      Direct Card Transaction Enquiry / Complaint Form
      Direct Debit Request Form - AFSH
      Direct Debit Request Form - PVTL
      Discharge Authority Form
      Fixed Rate Break Cost Acknowledgement Form
      Loan Variation Form
      Nomination Regarding Notices and Other Documents
      Personal and Credit Information Access and Correction Form
      Redraws and Transfers - Client Request Form
      Repayments - Client Request Form
      StarCall Application Form
    • Submit Variations An easier and quicker way to help your customers make changes to their home loan today.

      For non-credit critical variations that do not need a credit assessment, click here. Non-credit critical variations include fixing a loan or splitting it, merging loans, change of loan purpose, transferring between loan splits, reducing loan facility limit, breaking a fixed term or switching from an interest-only loan to principal and interest repayments.

      For other variations that require credit assessment, please continue to use the Loan Variations form.

  • Download our digital logo Download our FASTLend logo to use in your digital channels.

    • To request our logo for your website, email signature or other digital channels, simply read the terms and conditions of use and submit the Digital Logo Request Form below.

      If you require our logo for non-digital purposes such as print, please contact your BDM with your requirements.

      Digital Logo Request Form